Play Fit Stay Fit

The Snug

The snug has been created as a sensory area that children can access to have the opportunity to think, reflect and learn. Feedback is very positive and if they could, they would spend all day in there!
Anti-Bullying Survey
Our anti-bullying ambassadors did a survey during their duties. Click here to read their findings.
The project will see several enhancements to the upper school playground, including the installation of our Play-fit circuit. The circuit will include a range of outdoor play-fitness equipment which children will have access to throughout the day as part of clubs, lessons and break times. Updates to the climbing wall and floor markings will also be added to refresh the wider area
Each Friday, Katie from Green Scene Education comes to our school to run workshops with our budding gardeners! There is a lunchtime gardening club for children and in the afternoon, teachers choose children to work alongside Katie where they learn to grow plants and vegetables, look after the grounds and much more!

On the 3rd November, Grange had a tea party to celebrate being open for 75 years. 70 guests attended, including one of the first ever pupil! Our school council members and Mayor spoke a few words about Grange now and then gave them a tour. The guests were shown photos from the past and the log books....we are pleased to report that none of them had appeared in the punishment section!
Both children and staff are looking forward to this new addition to the school and, as equipment lorries and workmen appear over the coming weeks, we hope you will to. For regular updates on our progress please see the PE board, located outside the gym or the schools twitter feed @grange_ng10

Gardening at Grange

Year 6 – Oscar (Mayor), Charlotte, Stephen, Anjuli

Year 5 – Aimee, Francis

Year 4 – Anna, Owen

Year 3 – Gabrielle, Lily

Year 2 – Emerson, Tom

We are very proud at Grange that we have a Mayor! Every year, the whole school votes for a Year 6 child to be our Mayor and to put forward ideas and suggestions to the school council. The Mayor, with his Year 6 team, run assemblies every two weeks and support the Head and Deputies to give out reward certificates. 

Our school council meet monthly with Miss Leivers to get involved in a variety of activities – they run competitions, do learning walks and get involved in raising money for charities. They have also held a meeting at the Long Eaton Town Council where they met our Erewash Mayor.

School Council

How else do the children get involved?

Getting involved in staff interviews, conducting show rounds for new parents/visitors, judging Grange Has Talent, running mini leaders, playground pals, tuck shop, Risk Assessors/classroom roles and responsibilities, leading university workshops, learning buddies, school council, pupil voice interviews, computer support during assemblies, music during break times.

75th Tea Party!

As a school we champion the use of outdoor environments to support children’s development. We are continually looking for ways to enhance these environments, finding new ways to help children live, learn and laugh. As part of this mission we are delighted to announce our upcoming ‘Play-Fit Stay-Fit’ project, made possible by grant support from the Big Lottery Fund

Our Current School Council Are:


Throughout the year, we run three workshops. These last for seven weeks (an hour weekly) and finish with a Showcase where the children present to the school. The children choose their activity and work with different year groups. The children learn different skills which are planned carefully by the staff that are leading the sessions. These also promote our Learn to Learn skills. At the end of the workshop, they receive a certificate to take home. The teachers change their workshops regularly and a wide range are offered. A few examples are:

Board Games, German, Orienteering, Keyboards, Pet Care, Mosaics, Media, First Aid, Puzzles and Riddles, Lego, Ballet and Tap, Street Dance, Stories through ICT, Engineering, variety of Sports, Superheroes, Musical Theatre, Design Challenge, Problem Solving, Cookery, Graffiti Art AND MANY MORE!

Feedback from the children is extremely positive and the workshops are always mentioned by them as being “special” at Grange.
  • A reading club and art club – we listened and have done it!
  • New “quiet” area for the upper playground – we listened and now have a fenced off area with a canopy. We are about to have it astro turfed and we have purchased beanbags.
  • More play equipment –we listened and each playground now has a set of games and book for the midday supervisors to use. Board games are in place for the children to play with on the upper unit since the university workshop was such a success.
  • Having a song request board for assemblies – we listened and there is now a box made by the children put their requests into.

Pupil Voice

There are loads of ways that the children can get involved here at Grange and have their say!

Each term, the leadership team interview pupils to get their feedback and ways that their learning can be improved. In the last year, the children asked for:

Come Dine With Me

Every week, 8 children are chosen from Year 2- Year 6 for good manners by the Midday Supervisors. As a reward, they are invited for lunch with the Deputy Head and they receive a party prize!


We believe that our shows make us unique! Each year group performs a show yearly and amaze the parents with the acting, props and entertainment. We have at least 3 performances for each show as they have proved to be so popular and many of our children go onto to take drama at secondary school as they have such a passion for it

Grange Primary School offers all children the opportunity to participate in a Forest Schools programme.

Forest Schools is an exciting way of learning that encourages, inspires and educates children through positive outdoor experiences.  Emphasis is on the process of learning, with sessions being designed around the needs of the individual group, always ensuring that they are learner led.

forest schools